Below are several useful links that I recommend taking some time to read. These are papers, articles, and videos by other therapists that I admire and respect and I feel that their writings and ideas are helpful, especially as a person begins therapy.

Jonathan Shedler provides a wonderful primer of psychodynamic psychotherapy. Please note that this is a longer read.
That Was Then, This is Now: An Introduction to Contemporary Psychodynamic Therapy

An article in Scientific American Mind by Jonathan Shedler about psychotherapy and comparing different styles.
Getting to Know Me

In this interview from, Diana Fosha describes her innovative approach, called Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and its focus on growth, transformation, and healing.
Diana Fosha on Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

Gary Trosclair outlines how to get the most out of therapy, in simple language. This is a blog post that he wrote for The Huffington Post that summarizes key ideas from his book on the same topic. I also highly recommend his book.
Ten Tips to Make Therapy Work for You

In this YouTube video courtesy of the world-renowned Menninger Clinic, Jon G. Allen discusses mentalizing, the intersection of mentalizing and mindfulness, and it’s relevance to mental health for everyone, not just those living with mental health difficulties.
What is Mentalizing & Why Do It with Jon G Allen, PhD

An interview with Nancy McWilliams from Psychology Today, on contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy. Nancy McWilliams is a highly regarded and frequently cited writer on teaching and engaging in psychotherapy.
Not Your Parent’s Psychotherapy: Psychodynamic Therapy Today

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